Surveillance and investigative activities

Covert surveillance and investigative activities by APEX Private Investigators provide evidence or decision-making aids in private, criminal or civil disputes. You can trust us to clarify private or business matters reliably and efficiently: with the greatest of discretion, our surveillance teams collect evidence to document actual events and circumstances in such a way that they can be used in court.

The occasions for the necessary use of private investigators are as varied today as they are self-evident: our staff are trained to meet all requirements and will convince you with their skilful approach. Modern, sometimes unconventional, technology to guarantee discreet surveillance and investigative activities, as well as meticulously kept records, provide reliable results. These include not only photos and video recordings, but also relevant documents created or obtained by the experienced private investigator to preserve the evidence. If necessary, the testimony by APEX staff also underpins the body of evidence in case of a court dispute. You are thus in an ideal position to deprive the opposing party of the basis for a protracted legal dispute.

By the way, if surveillance and investigation lead to a conviction, the guilty party is frequently obliged, as in these examples, to reimburse the costs for the private investigation firm.

Discuss your case personally with the APEX area manager! You can contact us at the freephone number 0800 8 666 555 or by email.