Tracing debtors – Financial claims

In the tracing of debtors and in matters concerning financial claims, we can reliably and effectively help you to obtain satisfaction: APEX Private Investigators are your experienced partner who knows the personality profiles and tricks of debtors, for in the tracing of these debtors and in matters concerning financial claims, they frequently use legal loopholes and protracted bureaucratic processes to be able to continue earning income after a lawsuit, income which they skilfully side-track from their obligation to pay their debts.

APEX gets to the bottom of the actual assets and income of your debtor: our experienced staff conduct discreet investigations and, if necessary, they also contact individuals and place them under specific surveillance using verifiable pretexts. We work in close cooperation with the law firm advising you to decide which concrete measures are to be taken in your individual case, in order to achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently.

For the investigation and its documentation, we use modern and also unconventional technical equipment to secure the evidence obtained. Meticulous records, photo and video recordings as well as relevant documents: every assignment related to tracing debtors and financial claims is of course designed to provide results that can be used in court. Our APEX staff can also support you as witnesses. Conclusive evidence often allows you to deprive the opposing party of the basis for protracted court proceedings and to realise your claims in advance.

Furthermore, the guilty party is usually ordered to reimburse the costs for the investigation, as these court decisions show.

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