For many major companies and groups, anti-corruption activities are an important field, which they take into account with their own compliance departments. These monitor compliance with certain directives and legal requirements or also with voluntary codes, also known as codes of conduct. Anti-corruption has proved to be a particularly challenging task, in which the APEX corporate investigators have become established as experts with innovative concepts and unconventional methods. For this reason, many compliance managers rely on the discreet surveillance and investigation with which we gather conclusive evidence on employees violating the terms of their agreements or also non-compliant competitors.

Reliable detection of corrupt conduct

It goes without saying that we document all activities and findings carefully for use in court, also in the form of photo and video recordings, as well as evidence which we procure or prepare on the basis of our investigations. We are also at your disposal as witnesses if criminal and civil legal proceedings are instituted. We know from experience that protracted court proceedings are unlikely, thanks to successful anti-corruption activities and conclusive evidence. Furthermore, the guilty party is frequently ordered to pay the costs incurred in connection with corporate investigators – ideally, you do not have to pay for these.

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