Custody investigations

Working for the well-being of your child: custody investigations carried out by APEX Private Investigators are the last resort for desperate parents in the event of a separation, when from their point of view the wrong decision relating to custody was taken, for many courts still pass verdicts that are characterised by traditional attitudes, without taking sufficient account of the real life situation of a family. Frequently, there is no conclusive evidence of breaches of the duty of supervision or care, or untenable conditions in the domestic environment. Here we can support you with careful custody investigations to reveal the actual circumstances in order to obtain objective judicial decisions.

With absolute discretion, specially trained surveillance and investigation units document the actual living and care situation of the child. All evidence obtained, also using modern technology, is secured comprehensively so that it can be submitted in court. This evidence includes important documents as well as photo and video recordings obtained while observing the necessary discretion. Intensive cooperation between APEX Private Investigators and the law firm advising the client have proved particularly successful. Testimony by APEX staff also ensures the fast utilisation of evidence admissible in court.

The results of custody investigations are commonly so conclusive that a protracted legal dispute with the opposing party is unlikely. In many cases, the guilty party is ordered to pay the costs for the private investigation firm, as these court decisions show.

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