Alimony disputes

Alimony disputes: a sensitive issue which APEX Private Investigators address with much tact. If, after a separation or divorce, there are doubts about the legitimacy of alimony claims, it is important to review the actual circumstances or financial situation of the former partner. If life situations and thus also claims or obligations change, it is our experience that not every former partner or spouse meets their notification obligations.

In alimony disputes, evidence relating to family, income and financial circumstances that is admissible in court is important, and the APEX team of investigators can reliably provide you with this evidence. To do this, we use modern technical equipment and detailed documentation processes. We document the results of our discreet surveillance of private activities in written records, photo and video recordings as well as other documents. It goes without saying that we always observe the necessary discretion. In our experience, constant coordination between our private investigation firm and the law firm of our clients has proved to be particularly efficient in successfully initiating all of the necessary measures. We also advise you to keep your own records about a possible cohabitation arrangement. We should also be pleased to provide you and your lawyers with the testimony of our staff.

In many cases, clear evidence in the alimony dispute prevents the opposing party from pursuing a protracted legal dispute. The other party is also often ordered to pay the costs for the work of the private investigation firm.

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