About APEX Investigators

For more than quarter of a century, APEX® Private Investigators have been greatly appreciated by private clients, law firms as well as companies from the industrial, services and trade sectors on account of their professional and discreet approach.
In the course of the years we have become established as one of the most famous and renowned private investigation firms in Germany. In all areas, we offer our clients professional solution concepts that are admissible in court.

While a specialised corporate investigator usually offers valuable help in competition and patent matters, as well as checks on employees violating the terms of their contracts, a private investigator commonly investigates cases concerning custody and alimony payments as well as partnership and inheritance matters.
Our investigators participate in regular training courses and in-house seminars. This means that our APEX® investigators, be it for corporate or private matters, are well-prepared to carry out all covert surveillance deployments, research activities and investigations in a professional and goal-oriented manner, sometimes using unconventional methods if required.
APEX® Private Investigators – as a business and private investigation firm, we guarantee that our staff will provide maximum quality and commitment. We should be pleased to verify the successful work of our investigators through excellent references in a personal meeting with you.