Checks on personnel

Why are checks on personnel indispensable when, for example, you notice differences in cash accounting and stocks, or an increase in theft in your company? The answer is obvious: your team is an important resource for your company’s success – but at the same time it is also a possible source of fraudulent conduct or activities deemed injurious to your company, whether inside or outside your premises. The APEX private investigators will address your suspicion and, with the help of test purchases and modern surveillance technology, will obtain an insight into internal processes.

If you wish to perform checks on personnel because you suspect that an employee has disclosed company secrets or abused his position of trust, the environment of the suspect will be investigated. Special attention is also called for when employing individuals who in future are to be assigned to key roles or positions of trust. In this case, we can offer you preventive analyses to ensure that you fill the position with a trustworthy candidate.

It goes without saying that you will be given the exactly documented findings of the personnel check in the form of evidence which can be used in court and which, in the case of a legal dispute, will support you to achieve the best possible results with the help of the testimony of our staff. This places you in the best possible position and, under ideal circumstances, deprives the opposing party of the basis for a protracted legal dispute. Many already enforced court decisions release the client from having to pay the costs of the private investigation firm and order the guilty party to pay these costs.

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