Theft – Embezzlement – Fraud

Theft, embezzlement and fraud are criminal acts which you are not powerless to prevent – as long as you commission APEX Private Investigators to resolve these events fully. We employ investigation specialists as well as trained test buyers and observers from our Technology and Security® department, who collect the necessary evidence with absolute discretion. Where there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is involved in theft, embezzlement or fraud, we take advantage of surveillance systems that are permissible within the scope of statutory provisions. In such cases, the APEX investigator reproduces situations in which we can unequivocally document the employee’s misconduct. In this way, the events can easily be reconstructed so that the offender can be convicted.

Safeguard the damages that you are entitled to!

APEX arranges contact with the government agencies as well as legal support in civil disputes. For you, this means: thanks to unequivocal evidence, you can easily assert your interests with the goal of obtaining damages in cases of theft, embezzlement or fraud. By commissioning APEX Private Investigators, you improve the likelihood that a court case will not find any basis for a protracted dispute. The evidence speaks for itself – and ideally, the costs for our work will also be reimbursed, as these examples show.

Simply contact our area manager to discuss your personal case. You can reach us at the following freephone number 0800 8 666 555 and, of course, also by email.