Investigation of income and assets

An investigation of income and assets will help you track down your debtors if they are concealing or shifting assets or direct income. Anyone who tries to circumvent his own obligations in this way has no chance with APEX corporate investigators. To allow you to obtain satisfaction and to settle outstanding payments, we investigate the actual financial situation of the other party. We use different methods for this investigation of income and assets. These include covert investigations, which also make use of unconventional methods, photo and video recordings as well as the procurement or preparation of other documentary evidence.

This is how you obtain satisfaction

Here, discretion has top priority so that your debtor does not become suspicious. With enormous experience and circumspection, our investigators make sure that the other party does not notice this investigation of his income and assets, thus preventing him from gaining advantages. We ensure that all findings reinforce your position in court as conclusive evidence, and also offer you the testimony of our staff as further support. This means that in all labour law disputes the conclusive evidence cannot be contested in court, giving you the advantage that long, protracted court proceedings are not to be expected. Furthermore, these
court decisions show that in many cases the costs for commissioning a private investigation firm have to be reimbursed: the guilty party is held to account here – and ideally, you can simply lean back.

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